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Hearing Impaired Unit

Hearing Impaired Integrated Resource

The integrated resource for hearing impaired children is staffed by the Sheffield Service for Deaf and Hearing Impaired Children. Further information about the service is available on the Local Offer webpage:

Unit Co-ordinator: Chris Petch

Our Philosophy – We believe that hearing-impaired children…

  • Have the right to the same access to excellent education as that offered to hearing children.
  • Have the same capacity to learn as hearing children. However, we recognise that a hearing-impaired child’s command of language and literacy is likely to be affected as a result of their hearing loss.
  • Are entitled to the same broad and balanced curriculum as their hearing peers, but in order to facilitate this, we must support their literacy and communication skills. With this in mind, we believe that hearing-impaired pupils need language support.
  • Will be best supported if all the professionals (teachers of the deaf, mainstream teachers, audiologists, etc.) work closely together with parents in order to meet all the needs of each individual hearing-impaired child. These needs may include a suitably differentiated curriculum, audiological equipment, and support for social skills amongst many others.
  • Are entitled to feel like full members of the High Storrs community. We aim to ensure that each child feels first and foremost part of its form group and year group. Children with hearing difficulties should be considered to use the resource rather than be from the resource.



Ensuring that hearing impaired pupils are able to make the most of their residual hearing at school is an essential part of our work. We work to ensure that:

  • The students’ audiological equipment is kept in excellent working order.
  • Good listening skills and competent lip reading skills are developed.
  • Strategies to deal with noise in everyday situations are taught and shared with both pupils and staff.

Currently there are pupils using both post-aural hearing aids and cochlear implants in the school. All the pupils use a radio aid system that enables them to overcome some of the problems of background noise in the classroom. Pupils have their hearing aids and radio aids checked every day to ensure they are kept in the best possible working order.

What do we do in the unit?

The support hearing-impaired pupils are allocated both in mainstream and the resource, is based on individual need. This need is determined by various ongoing assessments (including audiological) and liaison with other agencies and feeder primary school. This support may vary during their life at High Storrs according to need at a particular time (for example, extra support may be allocated to a pupil finding GCSE coursework challenging).